Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: I Don't Know What To Say

3/12/2011 10:41:00 AM

When I read the news all over the internet when the tsunami 8.9 hit the Japan, I feel so sorry and all I can do, ALL we can do is to pray for Japan and for all over the world.

I can't imagine this happening here in our country Philippines. Hoping that all Government officials have enough preparation for this.

Japan was today plunged into chaos after a cataclysmic earthquake sent merciless tsunami waves rushing through its helpless streets.
The unforgiving tide of water unleashed after one of the biggest quakes in recent history obliterated tens of thousands of buildings, devouring almost anything in its path.
As the death toll soared, dozens more countries braced themselves for similar scenes of destruction as the full force of the mother nature powered through the Pacific ocean.

More Photos and Read more: HERE

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