3/31/2011 11:26:00 AM

Gusto kong matuto mag-drive ♪♫

Awww.. when I saw this photo, I miss my college friends. We used to go on roadtrips. But since we are all working, we have no time to go somewhere where we can chill and talk about anything we used to do this after exam. I remember, after class we ate dinner, then we go on a road trip (kung magkakayaan). Kahit saan. No destination. We used to cheap-in for the gas and for the food. We even tried drinking while driving (ssshh...) Sound trip, 120kph speed... whew! miss that life! 

Go home early in the morning 6am then class starts at 10am so we were all zombies at school. hahaha! I was just thinking if we can still do this. But I think no. We all have different lives now and different circle of friends. College is college so leave it there. But the memories will stay forever. :) 

Have a happy day! :D

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