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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Gusto kong matuto mag-drive ♪♫

Awww.. when I saw this photo, I miss my college friends. We used to go on roadtrips. But since we are all working, we have no time to go somewhere where we can chill and talk about anything we used to do this after exam. I remember, after class we ate dinner, then we go on a road trip (kung magkakayaan). Kahit saan. No destination. We used to cheap-in for the gas and for the food. We even tried drinking while driving (ssshh...) Sound trip, 120kph speed... whew! miss that life! 

Go home early in the morning 6am then class starts at 10am so we were all zombies at school. hahaha! I was just thinking if we can still do this. But I think no. We all have different lives now and different circle of friends. College is college so leave it there. But the memories will stay forever. :) 

Have a happy day! :D

Monday, March 28, 2011

But Then I Realized

Lately, I have been thinking of someone who's been part of my past. Nostalgia, ika-nga. :) I don't understand every time I think about that person, I always play scenes in my head and hoping that someday we will meet each other again. Deep sigh... (-___-)

When I saw and read what the photo says, I can't help it. I can relate to it. Grrr... Nostalgia.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ang Bilis ng Panahon!

Last week of March then April na! :) Summer. Bakasyon ng mga estudyante. Maluwag ang kalsada, walang traffic = maaga makakapunta sa work. Holy week, puno ang mga beach resorts. Maraming gigs sa gabi. Walang pera para sa mga estudyante, magastos sa mga may trabaho.Syempre! hang out kada weekend. Kung hindi naman every weekend. May pinag-iipunan na pang-gastos para sa outing with friends or with officemates. Overnight lang pero to the max dapat ang gastos. Saya naman nun.  haha! 

Kayo? anong plano nyo ngayong bakasyon? :)

Ako, wala pa eh. isip-isip muna. Ayaw ko na maraming tao, ayaw ko rin ng magastos. Eh di sa bahay na muna. hahaha! :D KJ much? :D

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's your favorite pasta dish?

My mom's spaghetti and carbonara! :-9 annddd now I'm hungry. sigh.

Any Question? / Ano Tanong Mo?

Would you catch a grenade for a loved one? seriously?! ;p

yes. if that person is worth to save for. if possible, catch and throw as quick as I can. hahha! :D wala pang 1 second. :D

Any Question? / Ano Tanong Mo?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Sino naka-relate? :D hahaha :D [ginawang tumblr ang page?] just to update. Busy mode ako ngayon eh. OMG! Summer na talaga. haaayy... -_- bakit walang bakasyon ang empleyado? :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Boy You Know You Got Me Gone

Just found out this photo was saved as draft. Last week pa ito eh. Then I decided to post. Because I was feeling bad last time. But now as of the moment, Nelly got me Gone as his new music video finally released last March 11 then March 12 here in the Philippines during the tragedy in Japan :|

My New LSS! :) I miss Nelly and Kelly Rowland. ♪♫♪ Memorizing the lyrics aotm. :D ♥

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: I Don't Know What To Say

When I read the news all over the internet when the tsunami 8.9 hit the Japan, I feel so sorry and all I can do, ALL we can do is to pray for Japan and for all over the world.

I can't imagine this happening here in our country Philippines. Hoping that all Government officials have enough preparation for this.

Japan was today plunged into chaos after a cataclysmic earthquake sent merciless tsunami waves rushing through its helpless streets.
The unforgiving tide of water unleashed after one of the biggest quakes in recent history obliterated tens of thousands of buildings, devouring almost anything in its path.
As the death toll soared, dozens more countries braced themselves for similar scenes of destruction as the full force of the mother nature powered through the Pacific ocean.

More Photos and Read more: HERE

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Di Na Ganun

Noon, ayaw ko "talaga". Ngayon, bahala na silang dalawa magkita. Tutal naman, nagkita na sila ilang beses nung nakaraang taon so hindi na ako magugulat kung ngayon, mangyari ulit yun --- ng "hindi ko alam."

Kung nung una, hindi ako sumusuko, ngayon, bahala na... napagtanto ko na hindi pa katapusan ng buhay ko ang paghihiwalay o paglayo ko sayo.

Napagtanto ko na mas maraming nagmamahal sa akin. Napagtanto ko rin na hindi ka kawalan. Siguro hindi na kita mabubura na naging parte ka ng buhay ko pero pwede ko naman balewalain nalang o kaya idaan nalang sa ibang bagay para malimutan kita. Wag lang amnesia dahil kung amnesia man yun naku! baka pati ang blog kong ito makalimutan ko rin.

Kung noon, parang lahat sa akin eh ako kawawa... Ngayon, alam ko hindi ako kawawa, ikaw.

Bahala ka na kung ano man ang plano mo. Basta ako, handa na ako anumang oras.O_O

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Triple YES!

In case, you missed the Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2 last weekend. Here are the best part of the show:

Harold Suarez sung Sweet Child of Mine and Wheel of the Wind >.< 
"Masakit po leeg ko kasi may stiff neck po ako."
Akalain mong meron pa syang stiff neck nun? :) Good luck on the 2nd round :D and "kung" babalikan ka pa ng ex mo.  Watch out Jovit Baldivino. :)

Awww... Rico the Magician is amazing! and hilarious perfomanced. :) Looking forward to your new magic tricks on second round! :) . :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Singing Out Loud!

My Top 3 Songs:

Fuckin' Perfect by Pink (my singing out loud song) :)

This one is so cute :)

Makulit na song ni Avril :) sexy :)