Sooo Random

4/15/2011 05:22:00 PM

Yeah. It's been a week since my last post. And I reblogged some post on my tumblr. Post it to my twitter, so people will know that I'm still alive online. Blogger is different from tumblr. You can't re-blog posts and I love that. That keeps me or push me or whatever to log in to my blog and post some [non-sense] updates. Or else, leave this page of mine.

I've been thinking a lot of things right now. The feeling that I want to close my eyes and then jump off somewhere could be building, rooftop, roof deck, stairs, etc. name it. And believe that I can fly. LOL. Now that's stupid. haha! Blah. Blah. yadahh yadaah.. :D 

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