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Ohhh... Friday. Not a usual Friday for me. When I woke up this morning, I didn't felt the feeling of excitement that "YES today is FRIDAY!" feeling. Yes. That kind of feeling that you will raise your fist on the air and with a big smile on your face. That feeling. HAHA! yeah.. that feeling. 
I think because, time flies so fast that I can't catch up things. Or I am just to busy to check what day today and I just care to check what time is it now and just the number. 

"6:30 AM, April 08, 2011" 

geezz.. I should change the widget format on my cellphone. It should be in detail with large bold font. like this:

"6:30 AM, FRIDAY. April 08, 2011"

Oh. there you go. At least that can help me to know that "hey Emotera, today is Friday! tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes after wards." Okay. Enough of Rebecca Black Friday lyrics song. Which I shouldn't waste the 4minutes of my life watching her MV. Sorry. But like others, I unlike the lyrics of the songs which is not a normal teeny-booper stuffs do now a days. 

I just read Ellen's blog (hello Ellen!). Which is kinda related to my post or what I feel right now.  Emotera talaga ako.

Whatever it is! this will not change the fact that:

and no one can beat that. :D

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