8/17/2010 12:09:00 PM

I do not know how to begin. One thing for sure: I 'am happy. That's how I feels right now. I know it's wrong but it feels so right. It's wrong because [1] I am in a relationship right now and [2] Having a communication with my ex [once in a while] is not good [but not totally bad]. I mean, hey! He's my "ex" now and he is my "present." 

I know... It's not right. How come, guys can just communicate with their ex and it should be fine with us [girls]? How come if the guys had an affair with someone it should be okay with us [girls]?! Don't you find it "unfair?" Oh! C'mon! It should be fair. Besides, we are not communicating because we want to be together again [but wishing...] Because we didn't end that bad.. Our relationship ends so smooth and so fine that the truths bothering us that "we don't want it to be over" because "we STILL love each other." [The word STILL should be there.]

Why am I taking about him now? [My ex] I just want to share that we already have communications but not that constant communication every minute or every second or hour or every day. "Once in a while" yeah. nothing's wrong with that, right? 

EMOTION: HAPPY. eeerr... [What's with the err?] =D 

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