11/24/2010 09:44:00 AM

My speech: Eherm! Eherm! Good day! :) This lovely award was given to me  by Ms. Leah! Months ago... I know super late to pass it on to other bloggers. :) I have an explanation to that: When the award was given to me, I was still a newbie in this world of blog and I have few friends way back and most of them are already pro/certified blogger that has many awards. :) I don't have an idea who started this award thing but all I can say is that person is a genius. Okaay... I don't want to emote right now. Because I will give this award to the bloggers who deserve to have this award. (sooo.. redundant)

These are Ms. Leah rules:
 Here are the rules.                                   
1. Nominate 10 blogs for the award.
2. Link all of them.                         
3. Pick the top 5 blogs.                  
4. Let the nominees know that they're nominated.
5. Let the winners know that they've won.  
6. The winners may save the image above and post in on their blog. 
7. The winners may make a similar post or page for this award.
8. The winners may share the love and link to the person they received this award from.

Regarding the #1 Rule and #3 Rule of Ms. Leah I have my own version:
1. I have few number of nominees that didn't reached the number of 10. I swear! :)
2. I based on the category or type of blog so they're all TOP 6. :) 

One Lovely Blog Award Goes to.... ten-tenenen!!♪♫♪

1. Ellen of I Am Ellen - Talks about Fashion
2. Tolits of The Backpack Man - Guide/Tips for Travel.
3. Daphne of Healthy Flat - Sharing recipe and tips about Health / Food.
4. Halojin of Halojin - Personal blog share about his life in School.
5. Mitchie of Another Cinderella Story - Personal blog about her Love life. :)
6. Nielle of Supastarr! - Personal blog talks about in her Daily life. :)

Congrats! Now it's your turn to give them to other bloggers. Just refer to the rules above or make your own rules :) ♥

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